Military Law


We provide advice on matters of criminal and military discipline at Colchester Garrison Police Station, Colchester Military Police Station the MOD Police Station and the MCTC. We also provide advice at BFPOs and have substantial experience of advice to personnel posted in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our dedicated team, is committed to your thorough and vigorous defence.  We are experts in Military Law, RMP and SIB interviews and Courts Martial.  See our individual profiles for details of our military background and experience.

You are entitled to have a solicitor present free of charge at any police interview - RMP, SIB or CIVILIAN. You should never be interviewed without legal representation.

If you are interviewed while you are posted abroad, you may be offered a lawyer from another of HM Forces initially (a service lawyer).

If you are informed that you facing trial by Court Martial or Summary Appeal Court you can choose your own lawyer. You may be entitled to legal aid funded by the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority. If you are provided with Army Legal Aid forms; fill these in immediately, inserting 'obw law' as the practice you wish to represent you.  This will ensure that you are properly represented by a solicitor of your choice.  You do not have to accept to be represented by a solicitor assigned to you otherwise.